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COVID vaccine Update

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Board Certified Family Medicine, outpatient medical care, and osteopathic manipulation.

Board Certified Family Medicine, outpatient medical care for all ages.

​We understand that this might be a scary time for you and your family members with the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread.  We have instituted the following steps to protect our patients:

We now have a telemedicine option for patients who do not want to come to the office.  If you have a medical problem, please CALL our office at 831-638-9715 and we will determine if you can be evaluated safely in the office or by telemedicine.

Medical services are considered essential under the San Benito County stay-at-home order, so if you need to come in to the office, we are open for most services.  Many visits involve exams or procedures that must be done in person, but practitioners are encouraged to conduct appointments remotely via phone or telemedicine when it is appropriate and feasible to do so. 

Please call from your car when you arrive.  We will have you wear a mask to enter the building and maintain a safe 6' distance while waiting.  Please do not block the door.   (You may have done this before when you were ill- now it applies to ALL patients).  We ask that only essential people come with the patient.  For example: a child and one parent, a disabled patient and one caregiver. 

Patient flow in the office will be organized such that you will not be in contact with anyone except the medical staff.   Magazines, books, and toys have been removed.  

Wellness visits and conditions not related to illness may be offered an in-office appointment.  Respiratory symptoms will be scheduled for a telephone evaluation.  If you have a telehealth visit, and the doctor determines that you need a flu or COVID test, you may be asked to drive to the office and remain your car for the test.  The staff will come to your vehicle in masks and eye protection. 

If you have a visit scheduled for one reason and develop COVID symptoms (body aches, dry cough, maybe fever, minimal or no nasal symptoms), please cancel your appointment.  We can have a doctor call you regarding your treatment plan. 

There are a few things you can do to decrease your chance of getting the coronavirus.

● Clean your hands often - wash hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds

● Avoid close contact with others, including handshakes or hugs

● Clean and disinfect surfaces daily

● Stay healthy by getting sleep, avoiding stress, and take your medicines

● Think twice before you go anywhere unnecessary. If you go somewhere with many people, please wash your hands     when you leave and again when you get home, try not to touch surfaces and try not to touch your face.

● Encourage anyone who enters or exits the house to wash their hands.

● Try to keep some food items in your home that do not go bad, like pasta, beans, rice, and frozen fruits and vegetables. This will be helpful if you need to stay home for any reason - whether you are feeling sick or whether you are trying to stay healthy.

● Make sure you have enough of your medicines on hand. Please call our office if you are not sure and call your pharmacy if you will need a refill in the next month.

● It is really important that you take all of your regular medications so that you can stay healthy.

If you think you have been exposed to coronavirus or have symptoms such as a cough, fever, or shortness of breath, please CALL US FIRST at 831-638-9715 and we will advise on next steps. This is very important!  We want to help keep you healthy and have plans in place to manage your care safely and effectively. We appreciate all efforts to help our community get through this hard time.

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COVID-19 - We are open

Welcome to Hollister Family Medicine, the office of Paul Percival, MD and Dilshad Kheraj, DO. We provide Board Certified Family Medicine Services to patients of all ages.   Our services include:

We typically have same-day appointment availability. Call (831)638-9715 for scheduling.

8/31/22 - We have the 2022/2023 influenza vaccine available in High Dose, Regular and Pediatric.

Call us to schedule yours today!  


We now have the Bivalent Booster!

For ages 12-18  indicated 5 months after Pfizer 

For ages 18 and over, a booster is indicated 5 months after 2nd dose Pfizer or Moderna, or 2 months after Janssen vaccination.  It is ok to mix and match boosters per CDC.

-18 years and older: booster or initial series
- Offered every day

- 5-11 years: initial series
-12-18 years: booster or initial series
- Wednesday afternoons

To help find a local COVID-19 vaccine provider, visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's VaccineFinder ( or text GETVAX (438829 or VACUNA for Spanish (822862) to receive three vaccine sites on your phone within seconds.  Or, call the National COVID-19 Vaccination Assistance Hotline at 1-800-232-0233 for those who prefer to get information via phone call.


1)  Have you ever had an anaphylactic reaction to anything?

  •      If yes, we recommend getting the vaccine at a hospital or doctor's office.

2)  Did you get the Monoclonal antibody treatment for Covid (a 1 hour infusion done in an ER or Hospital)?

  •     If yes, need to wait 3 months after infusion to get your shot.
  • If unsure, and never went to hospital, you did not get it and should get vaccinated now
  • If unsure, and did go to ER/hospital, and got an IV - schedule and appointment with the doctor to review the ER records. 

If you have never had an anaphylactic reaction to anything, or the Monoclonal antibody treatment for Covid, you should the Covid vaccine, and there are no other special exemptions.  However, if you have specific medical questions regarding your medical conditions, please schedule an appointment.

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Flu vaccine Update

Hollister Family Medicine 

Dilshad Kheraj, DO

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There is a physician available by telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week for established patients. If you have an urgent question which cannot wait until the next business day, call our office for instructions on how to reach a doctor.

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